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Beautiful lie
Everybody just see's chocolate brown eyes
but no one see's the color of despair behind them,
they all just see simple cheeks
not the tears that go down them,
they see my lips
but not the words coming out,
the words pleading for a savior.
They see my happy outside
but not my pitiful inside,
everyone just see's a lie,
a lie ive been masking for the longest time.
No one will see the truth
because when it comes to it all
we all prefer to see a beautiful lie,
than an ugly truth.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 13 19
Look at your smile
its as bright as the sun,
one look at it 
and everyone is in love.
It's so beautiful and frail
I wonder,
is that even fair?
But just look at my smile
its as dark as the night,
one look and everyone
flees with fright.
Why do you have a better smile 
than me?
Is it because I no longer have light
in me?
I envy your smile
I want it so bad,
but deep down inside
I know that won't happen because
my smile was meant 
to be a silent tragedy.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 15 21
Life with a semicolon
I just lost my best friend;I will find a new one
Kids bully me at school;I will show them that they're wrong
Suicide is my only thought;I will think about life and its offers
I think I have diabetes;I will live life with it,and not give up
I am too shy;I will get out of my shell
I am ugly,fat,and I will never find love;I am smart,one of a kind and I will find love
I don't live my life with a . ,
I live it with a ;
because there is always 
much more to it.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 13 5
I am not your slave
Boss me around
won't give me my own voice,
hurt me internally
leaving me with wounds.
I try to escape,
but you just come back
Why can't you see 
that I just want to be free?
You say that I can't survive
that I need you,
truth is you need me
you make me feel worthless,
how heartless can you be?
I am tired of you,
tired of being chained.
One day I shall leave,
leave you in dismay,
maybe then you'll see
that I am not your slave,
I am just your friend.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 15 26
The Akatsuki are here! ch.1: New Arrivals
               Ahtziri's P.O.V 
 It was the middle of the night.It had rained all night and I just couldn't go to sleep.I had the sensation that something was going to happen, I just didn't know what.I tossed and turned in my bed again.I stared looking at the window after I decided that I  just couldn't sleep.
*thump!* All of a sudden I saw
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 3 10
The best of me
The best of me 
is that im carefree,
im just like a breeze 
that gives people glee.
I am patient
as can be,
I give people time
its the most desired gift.
I like to help people out
to bring peace around,
I want to do this the 
rest of my life,
until the day I die.
These qualities are the best of me,
and shall be with me till the end of time.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 6 128
Crystal Dragon
Delicate as a crystal
strong as a dragon,
I break into pieces 
then I reform and 
become stronger.
Words insult me 
they also inspire me,
they just describe me
we work in harmony.
Emotions are my enemies 
they're also my friends,
we battle battle each other
in a never ending battle.
My world revolves around this
its not a sunshine island,
its also not a Hell based dungeon
one way I shall survive this,
since I am a crystal dragon.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 11 2
Little lone flower
You see flowers bloom and grow
See them being chosen for a bouquet,
You hate that they're colorful,
while your dull and colorless.
Oh but dont worry,
you'll blossom and grow
be chosen for a bouquet,
you'll become the most 
colorful flower;
until that day comes,
be patient..
my little lone flower.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 12 10
We are..
Scars of emotion
colors of darkness,
pushed aside and
we are viewed as 
Greatest grades
with glasses on,
teachers pet
suspenders on,
we are called 
Amazing athletes
involved in every sport,
voted MVP
going down to the 
champion league,
we are admired as
the jocks.
Make up on
looked as the 
fashion star,
known by everybody
hated by many,
we call ourselves
the popular girls.
Every human viewed
treated differently
acts differently.
We are all the same.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 12 14
Watercolor cat by PandoraMichaelis Watercolor cat :iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 13 12
The unheard messages
"I love you"

"I need you"

"I cant survive without you"

"You are my only love"

"You're my soul mate"
"Don't leave me!"

"Please stay!"

This was all I wanted to tell you,
but you left so soon......
That I never got the chance...

:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 6 7
Broken World
The tears are coming
the last word have been spoken.
Our loved ones have fallen
and I hear death calling.
Dreams are shattered
survival is all that matters,
blood has slpattered
but that doesnt matter.
Insanity has overpowered,
the mind no longer battles.
Bodies are shattered
like a sea of lost hopes.
Everything around me colapses,
nothing else is left rising.
The skies have turned black,
all that's left is the breath.
Yesterday was life and memories,
the present is ending,
and future is non existing.
Everything has shattered,
all that remains is a broken world.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 12 8
Opened my heart
One day I decide to open my heart.
To see how much I had 
locked inside......
I found a dog,
now long lost,
a peach tree
that has been cut down,
the words 
"dumb birthday slut"
written in,
a gay inspiration
dancing happily.
A girl crying for help,
suffering of a betrail,
a lost love that is 
fading away.
When I opened my heart,
I saw memories
that brought sadness to me.
When I opened my heart,
I realised that it has rotten,
with all of  my misery....
When I opened my heart
I saw the last hope of happiness
fading away,forever leaving me
in pure insanity.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 7 10
Life of a fallen angel
I am a fallen angel,
I fell from the skies of
and landed on Hell.
I was lost,
until I met you,
the Devil,
you were a perfect weapon
for protection.
You and I were unbroken,
we even decided to
set the world on fire.....
Until the day betrayed 
I was so upset that
I even lost my wings,
and died.
In the end I realised
that you were using me,
and for that I will never
let you seal my coffin.
I hope you remember 
my last goodbye,
because that is the last 
good memory you will 
ever have.
I hope you burn in your home,
in the fires of Hell.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 44 22
I am in a room,
a room with no light,
but total darkness.
In the darkness the
only words I hear are
"Kill yourself."
A part of me wants to,
but the other doesnt.
One part wants to grab a 
knife and end it all.
It wants to see the 
it wants to be in Hell.
The other part wants to live,
its heart thinks about 
friend,family,its future.
I am in a battle between
life and death,
and there is no way out,
because wether I live
or die,
I will always be in pure darkness.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 9 15
I am weak
I am weak because
I can't swim,
I can't fly.
I can't speak.
Because I am afraid of the
outside world.
I am weak because
I cry,
I let my emotions in my way,
I don't stand up,
I just die.
I am weak because,
when I was called a 
dumb birthday slut,
I just cried.
Because when I was bullied,
I just kept silent.
When I was thought of
having a disease,
suicide was my only thought.
But at the end I realised
that I am not weak,
I am strong.
I was strong enough to
not commit suicide,
to blossom from my cuts,
to speak for my own.
Because I was strong enough
to realise that no matter
I will always be weak.
:iconpandoramichaelis:PandoraMichaelis 60 24





llama cancan Llama brigade WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Muajajaja..How funny..Onion Creepy stare Seisure Nobu and Buno Choirla Dancing Pumkin head 4 Glitch Shephard Dancing Pumkin head 3 Naruto Dancing KFC Chicken Epic Dance onion dance dance Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Squidward Sexy (Dance) 
Well it's been 2 years since I created this account.I was 13 when I made it and now im 15 cx.Iv'e just looked through everything I have: every single poem and journal entry, and I can truly say that i've changed a lot.I no longer have suicidal thoughts and I am doing fine n.n.Also, I am more clear on my sexuality now....I am not bisexual.I'm straight.That's just how it is and im happy that I have a better understanding on my sexuality cx.A lot of my journal entries made me facepalm myself.My taste in music has changed a lot too. I no longer listen to Black Veil Brides,Pierce the Veil,Blood on the dance floor,Falling in Reverse, etc.Iv'e found a new liking towards other artists.I still watch anime,that's the only this that has stayed the same.I am in a lot more fandoms and I love it! Overall, I have matured a lot and I like that.I don't classify myself as anything anymore (like emo or goth cx I noticed that I used to do that before on here lol XD).I am me.I am my own person, I dress how I want to, I wear all colors and there's days where I actually want to look cute.I don't focus on the negatives anymore, I only look ahead in life.If you talked to me when I first made my DeviantArt account and you talk to me now, it would be as if you're talking to a new person cx.

Although.... I am more perverted than I was before Nosebleed The Monkey With the Nosebleed Niky Purple Devil Pervert Boobs Ohhh youuu! Striptease Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) Pants Man Dance GIF Clem Epic face 

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that's all cx Goodbye!! Chanyeol : Signature Pose EXO : Lay Wave winke winke :cutebye: Happy Bunny Wave - Beemote 


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